Specific Types of Fasteners and its Uses:


These are supposed to be threaded lengths made of steel rods with heads on single end

Bolts are generally used along with nuts at other end and every so often with a washer too

Bolts are of four types including carriage bolt, Cap screw, hex bolts and Plow bolts.


Nuts are flat steel pieces, usually hexagonal in shape with internally cut threads.

Hex nuts, Square Nuts and Castle Nuts are some of the commonly used types


Washers are mainly divided into types namely a plain washer or flat washer and split lock washer.

Plain washers are generally steel disks having a hole in the centre.

These types are used to minimize the stress present in the bolts and buts

They can able to spread a clamping force right from the bolt to span slots in order to oversize the holes in the wood.

Helical spring washers or lock washers are normally made from tough spring steel and installed under the bolt or nut.

They are utilized to protect nuts from rotation.


Nails are none other steel rods, which are usually pointed at one end and having a head at the other end.

Nails are primarily used to join woods together

The size of the nail is generally referred in terms of “Penny”

“d” will indicate the penny size as nails are sold by pound at most of the hardware stores.

Common nails, box nails, finish nails; duplex nails and roofing nails are some common types of nails used.


Just like bolts, screws too are threaded lengths of rods made of steel with a head on one end

The heads of the screw may be slotted, square, cross slotted or hexagonal

Types of screws include: Slotted Flathead, Slotted Roundhead, Slotted Oval Head, Phillips Drive and Square Drive