ISO Engineering is a manufacturer of comprehensive fastener solutions.

We specialize in the forging and machining of bolts, nuts, T-bolts, capscrews, foundation bolts and an array of other fastening components that include:

• Wheelstuds & wheelnuts

• Earthmoving equipment

• Motor vehicles

• Forklifts

• Racing vehicles

We serve the mining, railway and a variety of general industries in South and Southern Africa. We cater for CNC machining and general engineering.

ISO Engineering is a fastener solutions provider of the last resort.
When you have been unable to find your fastener elsewhere, come to ISO Engineering.
We do the unusual and the unique. We customize.
We will design and manufacture that fastener for you!
Our versatility in the manufacturing of precision fastener products empowers us to deliver on-time and within budget.

Continual innovation has assured that our services are also cost competitive.
Our infrastructure empowers us with the capacity to work with quantities, the ability to manage repetitive fastener tasks well, and with the flexibility to process once-off, emergency and smaller single jobs.

Quality Assurance

Excellent quality management is critical in a precise sector such as the fastener industry.
The ISO Engineering quality management system has been built up systematically over many years, and comprises every aspect of our business.
We have an unrelenting quest for excellence and continual improvement.

ISO Engineering is working towards an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in compliance with the following criteria:

• Customer focus

• Leadership

• People involvement

• Process approach

• System approach to management

• Continual improvement

• Factual approach to decision making

• Mutually beneficial supplier.

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