Why Fasteners are Important in Construction

Cutting corners in the construction industry will incur heavy costs. Then why do people in this industry cut corners?

Perhaps they believe it will save time or money, but it's never worth it. These individuals may also not be aware of proper procedures or best-used tools.

Here we'll share one of the most important construction tools for all contractors and builders. Specifically, we'll review what fasteners are and why they're so important.

Types of Fastener Construction Tools

A fastener is typically any hardware device that will join two objects together. Here is a list of a few common types of fasteners.


Bolts are one of the most common types of fasteners in the world of construction today. A bolt has a similar shape to a nail, with a head and cylindrical body. There are screw threads along the lower portion of the body, allowing a nut to attach.


Nuts come in many shapes and forms but are typically attached to a bolt. Female threading on the nut allows for attachment to male threading found on bolts.


Washers are also commonly found in use with nuts and bolts, normally to help with load distribution.


Screws are often used to adjoin two objects using drilling. There is normally no preset hole and you can't continuously remove the screw or the bond will be weakened.


Rivets are used as permanent fasteners in many forms of construction. Their features usually include a round head, pan head, and tail.

Differences between Fasteners

There are two types of fasteners, mobile and permanent.

Mobile Fastener

Bolts, nuts, washers, and some screws are all considered mobile fasteners. They're designed to create a temporary union between two objects. This union means you can remove these fasteners without causing damage to the union.

Permanent Fastener

Rivets, welds, and some screws are considered permanent fasteners.

They're designed to create a permanent union between two objects. This union means if you remove one of these fasteners, then you'll cause damage to the union.

Which One Do You Need?

Both mobile and permanent fasteners are important construction tools because they're typically the weakest components. If there is a failure with the fastener, there could be some serious damage to the whole construction.

If your construction requires frequent adjustment, then mobile fasteners may be the better choice. If not, then a permanent fastener could be for you.


In construction, following the proper rules and guidelines will save lives. Using the right construction tools for the job is one way you can make sure you're doing your part correctly.

Does your next job call for nuts and bolts of a certain grade? Do you need zinc or stainless-steel washers?

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