5 Interesting Facts about CNC Machines

A CNC machine is a unique piece of equipment that utilizes innovative technology to handle complex jobs and processes. The machine is controlled by a computer that takes a design created by CAD software and converts it into numbers. These numbers are similar to coordinates on a graph, which control the movement of the cutter. As a result, the product achieved by the CNC machine is precise and accurate, thanks to the computer aided machine.

1. CNC Machines are stronger and faster than Humans

Modern CNC machines are much stronger and faster than humans, which means that the job is done faster. This more efficient process is also much more precise than if you were to do the same job because it eliminates the margin of human error.

2. Less Maintenance Required

Compared to older turning machines, modern CNC machines require much less maintenance. In the past, you would have to replace the cutting tools with brand new ones to make sure a high level of performance was achieved. However, the new machines have state of the art spindle systems in place, which will help you save time and money when it comes to maintenance.

3. Tighter Tolerances

Thanks to the cutting edge technology used by CNC machines, much tighter tolerances can be achieved. In fact, there are some machines that can achieve a rate of 0.005 inches in some situations.

4. Flexible Programming

CNC machines offer flexible programming, which means you can easily reprogram it as needed. This allows you to produce different products on demand. Thanks to this feature, processes such as the shaping and molding of woods and metals has become much easier.

5. Able to be used in a Wide Array of Industries

CNC machines can be used for a wide array of applications and in a number of different industries. Some of the industries these machines are used in include shaping of blades and equipment, cutting and drilling of various objects, metal melding, dying, jewellery making and more.